by Carolyn Rothwell on August 31, 2017

10-Year Cash Flow Detail - New Reports in TOTAL

New detailed cash flow reports are now available in TOTAL, allowing advisors to demonstrate year-by-year, line-by-line changes to income and expenses. The reports include a total age span of 10 years, broken into two reports each displaying a five year period.  The start age for the detailed cash flow reports defaults to client 1's retirement age and can be adjusted to start at any age

Five Year Cash Flow (1 to 5)


Five Year Cash Flow (6-10)


In TOTAL's goal-based projection, Easy Money, the new reports are in the General section, audit page reference A15b and A15c.  

In TOTAL's cash-flow based projection, Golden Years, the new reports in the Cash Flow section, audit page reference B6b.  

The Five Year Cash Flow reports are included in the "Entire" default report sets for Easy Money and Golden Years, and additionally in the "Cash Flow" report set for Golden Years.  The reports must be added to custom report sets to be included.  To learn about custom report sets, visit:  Creating Custom Report Sets.

Start Age

The start age for the detailed cash flow reports can be controlled by using the "Age for Future Detailed Cash Flow."  This option is under the planning data Assumptions, on the Report Options tab. 


The reports follow the format of the Current Year Cash Flow and the Future Year Cash Flow, expanding the detailed cash flow pages to include the 1-5 year and the 6-10 year ranges for line-by-line, year-by-year comparison.  

The new reports were developed thanks to advisors requests! Have new ideas or see things you would like improved? 
Share your requests.

The new 10 Year Cash Flow Details and additional improvements are available now in TOTAL. 

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