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Join other independent advisors in using the most robust calculation engines in the wealth management space.

Plan for any situation with TOTAL.

Create complete financial plans with flexible data entry and comprehensive reports.

In-Depth Planning

Cover all your clients’ planning needs with in-depth data and analysis.

Flexible Data

Capture details of clients situations and add future changes at any age.

Goal & Cash Flow Planning

Choose the planning approach to best reflect your client’s situation.

Accurate Results

Prove and reconstruct planning results with a report audit trail system.

“Support has always been there to help me in my situation or come up with a workaround if needed.”

Dave H., CPA, CFP®

Keep planning simple with Silver.

Quick data entry and clear results. Create plans collaboratively with clients or model adjustments on the fly

Quick & Clear Plans

Silver makes planning simple with quick data entry and clear results.

Big-Picture Plans

Focus clients on what really matters with Silver’s big-picture plans.

Interactive Financial Planning

Answer clients’ “What-Ifs” and show instant, side-by-side comparison results.

Engaging Financial Plans

Actively include clients the process by creating plans collaboratively.

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