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Three levels. Big-picture, In-depth, and Advanced Cash-flow.         Professional financial planning software for top advisors and growing firms.

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Plan the best path to your clients' financial futures. 

From big-picture to in-depth, Money Tree delivers planning solutions professionals.

Plan Your Clients Best Financial Future
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Keep planning SIMPLE with Silver.

Spend less time creating plans and focus on what really matters.

Create Plans Quickly

Silver makes planning simple with quick data entry and clear results. Create plans collaboratively with clients or model adjustments on the fly. Include clients with full plan access. 

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Big-Picture Plans

Focus clients on what really matters with Silver's big-picture plans. Discover shortfalls and highlight solutions to drive client action towards the best financial future.  

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Interactive "What-Ifs"

Answer clients' "What-Ifs" and show instant, side-by-side comparison results. Easily include potential scenarios with the primary planning results.

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Silver - Simply Plan.

Silver's interactive big-picture planning supports important conversations about your client's financial future.

  • Create big-picture plans quickly
  • Discover shortfalls and provide solutions
  • Explore "What-Ifs" and instantly view impact
  • Available for your desktop or online

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Silver - Big-Picture Financial Planning Software

Plan for any situation with TOTAL.

Handle the complications of client financial situations with highly flexible planning data and comprehensive reports.


In-Depth Plans

Help clients make financial decisions by creating complete financial plans using TOTAL's highly flexible data entry and comprehensive reports. 

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Goals and Cash Flow

Choose the projection with the highest suitability for clients' financial situations and planning needs with TOTAL's goal-based or cash-flow based options.

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Accurate Results

Analyze clients' current situations and trade-offs with trusted calculations and audit trials where every number can be broken down and reconstructed.

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TOTAL - Completely Plan.

TOTAL's in-depth planning captures and analyzes your client's current financial situation and illustrates impacts of important decisions on your client's financial future.
  • Create highly accurate plans
  • Make changes to planning data at any age
  • Discover financial pitfalls and provide solutions
  • Available for your desktop or online

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TOTAL - In-Depth Financial Planning Software

Plan with Proven Success

Join thousands of top advisors choosing to plan with Money Tree Software, one of the   longest-standing financial planning and retirement planning software providers  with a proven track record of accurate results, innovation and outstanding support.

Years of providing advisors with planning solutions.

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What Advisors Say about Money Tree Software

Financial planning software is essential for today's financial advisor.
Advisors planning with Silver and TOTAL report the software and support is vital for business.


"Backbone of my Practice"

Charles R., LPL Financial

“Silver is the backbone of my practice. Silver really helps me cement the relationship with my clients.”


"Gives Me Great Confidence"

Keith S., CFP®

"TOTAL's income tax calculations were almost identical to client's tax return before even seeing it."


"Always There to Help"

Dave H., CPA, CFP®

“Support has always been there to help me in my situation or come up with a workaround if needed."

Financial Planning Software for Advisors

Plan your clients' best financial futures. Learn more about our big-picture and in-depth financial planning solutions for advisors

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