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Silver Online No Longer Supporting Older Version of Internet Explorer (IE 6 & IE7)

Posted on Mon, Jul 06, 2015

You can access Silver Online on your computer or mobile device through Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari.  Silver Online supports current and prior releases of those browsers, however we are ending our support for IE6 and IE7.  Few customers will be impacted by this change as the versions no longer supported are several years out of date.  

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Holiday Hours: We will be closed Friday, July 3rd

Posted on Thu, Jul 02, 2015

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3rd Party Software Survey

Posted on Wed, Jun 24, 2015

Money Tree Software is continuing to develop new and improve existing integrations. Please take a moment to let us know which third party software you use in your practice so we can streamline your planning with the most helpful integrations. 
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Social Security Claiming Strategies Coming to Silver!

Posted on Mon, Jun 15, 2015

To help advisors discuss the importance of Social Security claiming strategies with clients, a Social Security optimization feature is being added to Silver Financial Planner! 

This new feature will allow advisors to explore five primary Social Security claiming strategies. New reports will compare the lifetime benefits of the available strategies, and the strategy selected by the advisor will be fully integrated into your clients' retirement projections. The filing strategies will be included on the "What If?" for instant side-by-side comparisons illustrating the impact of Social Security filing actions on the overall success of clients' retirement plans.

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TOTAL Online 2015 State Tax Update Complete

Posted on Fri, May 15, 2015

State tax rates for 2015 have been updated for TOTAL Online customers who opted to allow Money Tree to update the state tax information.  You can review the state tax information by going to Settings and State Tax in TOTAL Online.

For TOTAL Planning Suite (desktop edition) customers, now is a great time to update your state tax rates if you haven't already.  Learn more from our May newsletter Tech Tip: Entering State Tax Breakpoint.

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TOTAL Online State Tax Update - May 15th

Posted on Tue, May 12, 2015

TOTAL Online includes a feature allowing Money Tree to populate the tax information for all states and territories available in the program's settings.  We have the most recent state tax information for 2015 ready to send to our participating TOTAL Online customers.  

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RMD Start Age 69, 70 or 71 in TOTAL Planning Suite

Posted on Tue, Apr 21, 2015

Required minimum distributions start at age 70.5, but they can be reported in Money Tree's TOTAL Planning Suite (Easy Money and Golden Years) as starting at age 69, 70, or 71 depending on a couple of factors.  The first factor is the client's birth date, and the second is the date of the projection.  

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Time Spent on Taxes vs. Financial Planning

Posted on Thu, Apr 16, 2015

Did your clients wait until this week to file their taxes? If so, they are not alone. According to IRS data, nearly 13% of taxpayers wait until the final week of tax season to file, and the more taxpayers earn, the more likely they are to be a part of that 13%. While clients owing taxes might have financial incentives to wait, the majority are simply busy and do not carve out the time to prepare taxes until the deadline is upon them.  Considering taxpayers filing a Form 1040 spend an average of 16 hours on their returns, it’s not a big surprise so many taxpayers wait until the deadline.)

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Start Fresh for Spring with a 30-day Trial

Posted on Mon, Mar 30, 2015

If you have not found the right financial planning solution for your practice or would like to explore additional options, start fresh with a new 30-day trial. Money Tree offers a full spectrum of planning tools to satisfy varying planning styles and customer types. Start fresh this spring and find the right financial planning software for your practice with a new 30-day trial, providing full access to the latest features and technical support service.  
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2015 T3 Advisor's Edition - February 12-14 in Dallas, TX

Posted on Wed, Feb 11, 2015

2015 Technology Tools for Today Annual Conference - Advisor's Edition
February 12-14 | Hilton Anatole | Dallas, TX

We are helping sponsor the 2015 T3 Advisor's Edition conference, which was listed as one of “The 8 Best Conferences for Financial Advisors in 2015” by Michael Kitces.  This conference is geared towards new technologies available to financial advisors and we will be sharing our latest developments, including TOTAL Online.  Money Tree's Donnie Carpenter, CFP® will be on a panel discussing financial planning software. 

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